Inför seriestarten i Superserien herr – Carlstad Crusaders

By Fredrik Haraldsson

Inför starten av Superserien herr den 22 augusti då Örebro Black Knights välkomnar Uppsala 86ers till Behrn Arena och Stockholm Mean Machines välkomnar Carlstad Crusaders till Östermalms IP kommer en intervjuserie med respektive huvudtränare att publiceras.

Först ut är Carlstad Crusaders huvudtränare BD Kennedy.

  • Hur har ni anpassat er verksamhet med träningar, läger samt arbete med/kring eventuella importer i denna speciella situation vi befinner oss i just nu med covid-19?
    After the original cancellation of practice, we started doing position training. We continued this until July 31st when we started full team preparations for the 2020 season. Our defensive import, Darius Lewis, was already here, so we had no particular problems with that situation. Because of the travel restrictions, we were able to find an American QB, Danny Farley, who was based out of Germany, so getting him here was no problem.
  • Vilken lagdel är starkast i ditt lag och varför? Offence? Defence? Special Teams?
    This year our offense is an interesting mix of “old” and “young” players. Our OL is back from last season which we feel good about. Our RB position is a mixture of veteran and new players that are all very talented. The most interesting group is the WR crew. We feel like we have a very young, but very talented group of people. Our D will be anchored by our LB crew. We have two very talented LB’ers. Our defense seems very fast and aggressive in the practices leading up to the first game. We have several possibilities to put exciting players in the returner positions in the special teams. All in all our goal is simply to perform to the best of our abilities in all three phases of the game.
  • Om du får välja 3 spelare som vi som åskådare ska hålla extra koll på, vilka spelare i ditt lag är det och varför?
    Christian Kuylenstjerna (LB), Mattias Eriksson (LB),  and Kevin Börzsei (WR).
  • Vilka mål har du som huvudtränare med säsongen 2020?
    To perform our very best each week. To continue to improve. Play aggressive football. That every individual contributes their best effort in whatever roll they have in order to make the team as successful as possible.
  • Vilka lag tippar du möts i SM-finalen samt vilket lag tippar du tar med sig SM-bucklan hem 2020?
    In a 4 team league, I am certain that there is not a single team that does not expect to be in the SM-final, and not a single team that doesn’t expect to win it.


SAFF tackar BD Kennedy för denna förhandsvisning av läget i laget i Carlstad Crusaders och önskar honom lycka till i seriepremiären!


Se matchen Stockholm Mean Machines mot Carlstad Crusaders live på lördag den 22 augusti, matchstart 15.00!